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More than ever, medical staffing agencies and recruiters rely on professional social networks to find the best passive and active talent. The MedMasters network gives you the opportunity to highlight your medical professional profile in our network along with listing your specialties and job functions in our directory. Whether you are a medical professional looking for new opportunities or a staffing professional needing to advertise your services and open jobs, you have come to the right place.

It is important to remember that while advertising your job opportunities on MedMasters, clients could be searching for you. If you are looking to search and connect with the top healthcare professionals and recruiters, join MedMasters today.

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Healthcare Social Network

How Medical Staffing Networks Work

Medical Staffing Networks assist job seekers and recruiters in networking so that job fulfillment is easier, faster and more reliable. Some are staffing networks exclusive to recruiters and agencies who assist each other with placements. Others are professional networking site where recruiters, staffing agencies and professionals can connect and share opportunities. MedMasters is a niche professional networking site for medical professionals only. The MedMasters platform easily helps you search and connect with any type of medical professional, recruiter, job opportunity or company based on your search criteria.

Healthcare Professional Recruiters

What Do medical Recruiters Want?

Healthcare recruiters want quality and relevant candidates and a place to find those special candidates. They look for candidates on professional social networks and job boards. Most job postings require very specific backgrounds and specialties but general job boards often return candidates who just aren't qualified. With MedMasters you can build your medical professional profile based on your specific job specialties, job functions, job titles held and also display your accomplishments and job preferences. Set up your profile today and start connecting with those who matter most.

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MedMasters aims to play an increasingly integral role in helping healthcare and medical industry professionals meet individual and professional goals. Joining MedMasters is free of charge and membership is open to all members of the healthcare community and medical industry.


Numerous studies ouint out that many health care jobs will be in demand for the next several decades. Consequently so is the need for qualified, talented recruiters. Recruiters that focus primarily on higher-level professionals such physicians, medical executives, department managers typically have a long, more in-depth recruitment process. Recruiters that primarily focus on health care clinicians and providers (i.e., nurses, allied health personnel such as sonographers, PTs, OTs, etc.) typically can place these candidates faster. There are a handful of large, national recruitment firms. Additionally, there are hundreds of local and regional recruitment companies and thousands of in-house medical recruiters working for hospitals, health networks, practice management companies and HMOs.

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